See what people have to say about us! We treat every workshop with care and passion and can't wait to share the experience with you!

Barbara J, M's Grandma

"What a fun, fun time! I

    have told everyone in

      Kansas City about you!"

Dr. Lala S., Professional

  "I can't thank you enough

          for your beautiful

                gingerbread houses!"

Genna M., SAMM

"We wanted to let you know how much

  we appreciate you providing a

   wonderful experience to the families.

  From the bottom of our hearts,

                                       thank you."

Jody F., Behlau Elementary

"Enthusiasm from the

    workshop carried over

         throughout the year!"

James & Martha A.,

Stonewall Ranch

"An excellent family event!"

Jamie S.,

Supply Chain and Manufacturing

"We so appreciate your team’s

      preparation and professionalism.

   You made the process of executing the

      workshop seamless. We look forward

                        to working with you again."

Tom R., Project Manager

"Derick is setting up our village before

Christmas so lots of people will be

       asking us about our experience.

           Thanks again to you and

                             all of your team."

Dr. Carol H., Educator

"Participants leave with connections

        to self and/or team improvement

  practices. Her expertise is vast and

    her creativity knows no boundaries!"

Dr. Renee B and Family

"Every year you have new designs

  which keeps every new year exciting.

   We always eagerly look forward to

             sharing our holiday with you."

Kit Myers

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San Antonio, Texas 78269-1662



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